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A Bit About Us

Cows Come Home Sanctuary is the forever home to 54 former "beef" cattle who were destined for slaughter, or a lifetime of bearing, then losing, as many as 13 or more children over their lifetimes. It was created in 2017 by founder, Randie Gentry, when Rick Gentry, a multi-generational TN farmer, chose to listen to his heart - and his vegan ex-wife and best friend - instead of family tradition. 

That split-second decision has definitely had its challenges, but what does a vegan do when a farmer grants our fondest wish and agrees to stop farming and donate his herds to her? She says YES!...then figures out the rest as they go. Mothers, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends and even a few 20-something 

grandmothers call this home, but we also have the rare and unique opportunity to learn about three fathers' integral roles in helping raise their sons and daughters on the same land many of them have lived on for more than a decade.

 There's now an entire generation who knows no fear of humans, as they and their friends and families live life entirely

on their own terms. We are humbled to live alongside these compassionate, loving, funny, intelligent, curious beings. To walk among them is nothing short of magical. 


Our mission is to provide a forever home, veterinary care, feed and love to three families of bovines who became Residents instead of commodities. In doing so, we will strive to help educate others about the incredibly complex and rich emotional lives of our bovine companions, as well as teach kindness toward all species. 


Cows Come Home is a vegan sanctuary, where many visitors have come to connect with the cows early in their vegan and vegetarian journeys. The non-humans inspire and teach them so much more than we ever could about making compassionate choices and why animals are our friends, not food.

As you can imagine, operating a sanctuary for 54 large bovines is very costly, with hay expenses alone running nearly $17,000 annually. We depend on the generosity and kindness of others who believe as we do, that these, and ALL, sentient beings deserve to live their natural lives with their families, safe from harm. 

Your thoughtful donations are greatly appreciated and 100% tax deductible. 

Cows Come Home Sanctuary is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. 

Talbott, TN

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