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Love. Cows Come Home Sanctuary was inspired by the love of one mama for her sons, but then it became about all sorts of love. It’s about the love those sons had for their mama. It’s about the love between a group of best friends who were born days apart in 2018, many of whom witnessed one another’s entrance into the world. It’s about the love between two giant brothers. It’s about the love between a 20-something grandmother and 4 orphaned calves who grew to adore her when she moved in with them because she could no longer keep up with her herd. It’s about the love between 2 one-ton bulls who’ve done everything together for 7 years, including a trip to the university hospital to “become steers”, then go on to become co-patriarchs of their herd.  It’s about the love between every member of a herd who mourns the loss of another, grieves with a mother - and father- and sleeps on a grave for days. It’s about the love we have for them all. It keeps us slugging through mud, getting back up when we’re slammed to the ground, repairing everything 1500 to 2,800 lb. bodies bump into and destroy and either constantly mowing, raking, baling, searching for, fundraising for, hauling, feeding, worrying or crying about hay. And- it’s about the love YOU have for them. Thank you for the trust you’ve put in us to care for these amazing beings. We could not last a day without YOU. 

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